an image Founded in 2006, located in St. Petersburg FL, AIM develops software solutions and provides IT consulting services to clients in various industries. We aim to empower business through revolutionized business intelligence, collaboration, stream-lined processes and data accessibility.
AIM solutions can range from desktop, client-server to web based platforms, and integrate the latest .NET, SQL Server and Office technologies.
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Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensive, reliable, high quality solutions within time and budget constraints; enabling business units to focus on their core business roles and drive innovation.

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Our vision is to provide business centric, nimble, and cost-effective technology solutions with high returns on investment and fast turn-around times, automating complex business processes, improving workflow and productivity, enabling businesses to move fast in highly competitive markets.

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  • Ability to quickly translate business needs to technical requirements
  • Visual and functional feedback through rapid prototyping
  • Swift identification and inclusion of critical requirements
  • Operating within a given budget and timeline
  • High-quality end-to-end solutions delivered by a brilliant workforce