AIM, upon consultation with business partners, offers a wide range of technological options based on business need, budget and time constraints:

Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions

Empower business by creating a dynamic and configurable platforms to merge customer data from multiple sources, identify and correct data issues, capture data, create scenarios, produce real-time reports; and enable data mining and analytical interaction with business data.

Sample Success Story:
  • AIM has developed a scalable .NET, SQL Server (1 Terabyte+) application that merges customer data from multiple source systems, allows scenario testing, and provides intelligent querying and reporting via web dashboard & OLAP cubes. Benefits include eliminating manual forecasting, providing a single source for contracting and forecasting data, and reducing errors and significantly improving accuracy.

  • Workflow Automation Solutions

    Help customers replace existing, manual, spreadsheet-based process; incorporate workflow and tracking functionalities with office automation, increase productivity and cut costs, generate standardized formatted reports.

    Sample Success Stories:
  • AIM has developed a scalable (3,000+ end users) .NET, SQL Server application that merges customer data from multiple sources, provides intelligent querying, reporting as well as workflow and workload balancing. Benefits exceed 1,000% ROI per year in direct salary cost savings through improved efficiency and productivity gain.
  • AIM has integrated .NET, SQL Server, and MS Excel on a single platform with 500+ end users. The front end of the application is MS Excel which communicates in real time with SQL server to obtain time sensitive business information, applies business rules on the client side and displays the results in formatted reports. Besides better branding benefits and improved customer satisfaction provided by the consistent and more accurate reporting, direct labor cost savings from automating a manual process had 800% ROI in the first year alone.

  • Data Processing and Predictive Analytics Solutions

    Build actuarial, underwriting systems by incorporating batch processes that intelligently, automatically merge and scrub data from multiple sources including legacy systems (i.e Outlook Email) and enable optimization.

    Sample Success Stories:
  • AIM has built a Pricing and What-If simulation tool configurable for all rating factors (demographics, plan relativity, effective dates) based on a MS Access / VBA / Excel tool that processes over 10 GB of legacy system data, applies complex business rules and generates Excel based reports.
  • AIM has built an automated Underwriting renewal system that merges and processes over 50 GB of legacy system data, applying complex business rules and calculations, and generating Excel based proposals and reports. AIM's solution provided 100 fold speed improvement over the customer's existing process, leading to significant cost and time savings.